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12 Sep


👌“Bon Appétit”👌 – delicate cuisine culture at Balcona Hotel Danang

🇲🇽🇮🇹🇬🇷If you are an eating-holic or a true god in food evaluation. Let’s come and experience the flavors of Mexican-Italian, and Greek cuisine with a variety menus effect to all the senses of the Metareek combo.

🇻🇳If you want to enjoy the delicacy and traditional Asian cuisine in the food culture of Viet Nam, an S-shaped country. Enjoy a taste of the homeland through the “Vietnamese set menu” prepared by famous chefs.

🍜Balcona Hotel Danang is the perfect destination for relaxation and sensation of the best multinational food. We will prepare for our lovely customers a memorable trip.

👉Book it right now!
📞 (+84) (0) 868 18 73 73
📞 (+84) (0) 2366 29 9292

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