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18 Oct

Which woman inspires you?




If someone asks you the question: “Which woman inspires you?” How would you respond? Surely this is not a difficult question to answer because in our lives there are always women around.

The world has a day for all of us to send out to women who are making our lives around us better, the most sincerely thanks. Particularly in Vietnam, on October 20, there is another special day for all of us to say thanks to these women. “Inspired by women” was launched to honor women who inspire people from all over the world. And in these days, many Vietnamese would like to thank even the simple but powerful women of our lives.

Write the best comments with photos about the woman who inspired you on facebook Balcona Hoel Da Nang  to be one of two lucky winners to get the menu combo voucher – 449,000 VND at the Aqua bar and restaurant.
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