La Belle Spa

La Belle Spa:       *Located on 21st  floor.

*Single Massage rooms and Double Massage rooms.

*Foot massage venues.

*Steam sauna and Dry sauna

La Belle Spa provides unique spa experiences with therapies created from a harmonious combination of the essence of oriental technology and Vietnamese herbal secrets. Each of our separate services is designed to provide you with the best experience and feel you have ever enjoyed.

Relax in harmony and pureness at La Belle Spa! You will enjoy luxury service with a private room. The employee is trained professionally. Blending in the delicate space from essential oils and herbs will bring a sense of total relaxation from the inside of you.

Each therapy session begins with a special tea and ritual foot bath. This is part of La Belle Spa‘s process to introduce oriental culture. Therapy sessions are carefully designed to meet your individual needs.

La Belle Spa has been created for your complete relaxation, where tranquility prevails throughout the exquisite, elegant, and soothing architectural design. Unwind in your own personal sanctuary and discover the ultimate space for your total well-being.


Inspired by traditional aspects of Vietnam culture and worldwide traditions, philosophies, and modern techniques, the  La Belle Spa created a selection of treatments that restore one’s inner, natural state of equilibrium. Soothe the stress of modern life away and surrender to ancient healing rituals of fragrant oils, aromatic herbs, and spices. Allow yourself to be fully immersed in a private and personal inner journey and to be enveloped by serenity and peace.


Welcome to La Belle Spa! Step into our world of care, where time is left at the door and a new journey begins….


Body Massage

La Belle signature Massage: 75’ – 90’ – 120’ 


The exclusive treatment revitalizes your senses throughout the body. Your treatment starts with an invigorating foot ritual with herbal, next, achieve deep relaxation during a massage using La Belle oil and Thai herbal compress and finally, experience a tingling awakening of your senses during a Vietnamese head massage.


Luxury Four Hands Massage: 60’ – 90’ 


Our most luxurious and transformative experience. Imagine two of our best therapists working with all four hands in harmony, massaging fragrant oil over your body in blissful, synchronized waves. During this multi-hand massage, therapists use long soothing strokes but at times intertwine their hands to produce motions that cause the body to resonate with multiple sensations.


La Belle signature Bamboo Massage: 75’ – 90’ – 120’ 


Warm Bamboo or “Bamboo-fusion” massage incorporates different lengths and diameters of bamboo sticks.  Warmed smooth bamboo is integrated into a flowing Deep Tissue Massage to promote a deep sense of well-being and delicious relaxation.


Hot Stone Therapy: 70’ – 90’ – 120’ 


Hot Stone Massage is a form of body work that involves the application of heated stones (thermotherapy) to the body within the context of a therapeutic massage. Round, smooth stones are heated to luxurious warmth, oiled and used in the palm of the hands to massage the body. Heat penetrates deeply, prompting profound relaxation, increased detoxification, and relief of long-standing muscular tension, stress and fatigue.


Asian Blend Massage: 60’ –  75’ – 90’ – 120’ 


This is a combination of all the best Asian massage therapies. An unique blend of Thai, Vietnamese and Japanese Shiatsu massage techniques, then throwing in some long calculated strokes, stretching, thumb and elbow techniques, and this therapy will ease away stress from every pore of your body leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.


Traditional Vietnamese Massage: 60’ – 75’ – 90’ – 120’ 


An ancient massage technique from Vietnam. Pressure point techniques with invigorating movements to warm relax muscles and improve sense of well being and physical flexibility with aromatherapy massage oils.


Traditional Thai Massage: 60’ – 75’ – 90’


Traditional Thai Massage is a system of massage and assisted stretching developed in Thailand handed down through centuries. Pressure techniques along the body’s energy lines combine with muscle stretching to replace tension and stress with a feeling of energy and peace.


Aromatherapy: 60’ – 75’ – 90’ – 120’


From one of our four signature blended oils, created to deliver the utmost in aromatic power, choose the scent that instinctively appeals the most. The relaxing massage that follows combines light to medium pressure with deeply healing aromatherapy, helping to calm the nervous system, reduce your stress levels and improve your sleep.


Back – Shoulder – Head Therapy: 30’ – 45’ 


Treatment is good for relaxing aching and tired muscles, releasing stress and easing back, shoulder and neck pain, using a combination of strong techniques from Thai and deep tissue therapy.


Indian Head Massage: 30’ – 45’ 


Indian head massage is based on the Ayurvedic system of healing which has been practiced in India for over a thousand years. An excellent remedy for insomnia and improving vision, circulation and concentration.




Bath with herbal of Red Dao People. Help recover healh, relaxing muscle, reduce joint, headache pain restoring agency after who work much, physique wearily, change weather, headache, hoarse, pain limb…..


Facial Treatment

La Belle Classic Facial (All skin types)


This facial uses products from the Artistry skin care range to cleanse, balance, rehydrate, tighten and brighten the skin. Recommendation for all skin types.


Purifying Facial (Mature, Dry, Sensitive skin)


Purifying facial treatment is specially designed for mature, dry and sensitive skin. The use of natural ingredients helps smooth and revitalize skin texture, encouraging renewal.


Luxury Facial (Mature skin)


An intense anti-ageing facial treatment that corrects the signs of ageing and protects your skin against the damaging effects of time. Your skin is left looking relaxed, fine lines are instantly plumped and saturated in moisture.



Foot Reflexology: 45’ – 60’ 


This traditional Chinese healing philosophy in combination with signature massage oil, stimulates the nerve endings that link with various organs and parts of the body to release energy blockages and initiate self-healing, resulting in higher energy levels and effectively creates relaxation for body and mind.


Luxury Foot Massage: 45’ – 60’ 


Luxury Foot Massage uses heated stones and reflexology massage moves to create a unique treatment. The stones allow the therapist to work deeper into the muscle fibers without it being as painful as a deep tissue massage. It allows the muscles to relax into their natural resting position allowing free movement.

Spa packages

La Belle Signature Package: 240’ 

Oat Milk Moisturizing Body Scrub 45 min

Oat Body Wrap 45 min

Herbal Steam 15 min

La Belle signature Massage 75 min

La Belle Classic Facial 60 min

Enjoy juice after treatment


La Belle Signature Package: 270’ 

Oat Milk Moisturizing Body Scrub 45 min

Oat Body Wrap 60 min

Herbal Steam 15 min

La Belle signature Bamboo Massage 90 min

Luxury Facial (Mature skin) 60 min

Enjoy Meals on the menu with glass wine or beer after treatment


Romantic Honeymoon Package (for couples) 210’ 

Green Tea Body Scrub 45 min

Herbal Steam 15 min

Aromatherapy 90 min

La Belle Classic Facial 60 min

Enjoy juice after treatment


Romantic Honeymoon Package (for couples) 270’

Green Tea Body Scrub 45 min

Dead Sea Detox Body Wrap 60’

Herbal Steam 15 min

Hanoi La Belle massage 90 min

Luxury Facial (Mature skin) 60 min

Enjoy Meals on the menu with glass wine or beer after treatment


Relaxation Package for her: 240’ 

Vietnamese Coconut Scrub 45 min

Coconut Body Wrap 60 min

Aromatherapy 75 min

Purifying Facial 60 min

Enjoy juice after treatment


Relaxation Package for him: 210’ 

Dead sea Salt Body Scrub 45 min

Herbal Steam 15 min

Asian Blend Massage 90 min

La Belle Classic Facial 60 min

Enjoy juice after treatment


Luxury Package: 210’ 

Luxury Four Hands Massage 75 min

Dead Sea Mud Body Wrap 60 min

Luxury Facial 60 min

Herbal Steam 15 min

Enjoy Meals on the menu with glass wine or beer after treatment


Spirit of Vietnam: 165’ 

– Dead Sea Detox Body Wrap 60’

– Herbal Steam, 15 min

– Bamboo massage 90 Min

– Enjoy juice after treatment


Choose your own Spa Experience: I Spa 180’  –  250’ 

Create your spa package to suit your personal state of balance. This approach is custom tailored in consultation with your personal therapist to pinpoint specific areas of focus to meet your needs.

Enjoy juice after treatment

Body Wrap

Dead Sea Detox Body Wrap: 60’ 


An Uplifting Detox which is intensified by a Dead Sea mineral mud wrap to draw deeper toxins from the cells. Strengthens and revitalizes the skin, increases elasticity and firmness while fading pigmentation problems.


Oat Body Wrap: 60’ 


Seaweed Body Wrap helps to eliminate toxins from your body. The paste is applied to the body warm, causing you to sweat. During the sweating process, your body is eliminating impurities. It is an excellent way to relieve daily stress and to help the body feel new and cleansed of anti-oxidants.


Vietnamese Coconut Wrap: 60’ 


This treatment uses special products made from young coconut meat and coconut oil, deeply hydrating and protecting skin, combating aging and promoting healthy and smooth skin. This method was used by the Queen a thousand years ago.

Body Scrub

Oat Milk Moisturizing Body Scrub: 45’ 


This unique scrub combines honey, herbal and rice milk from Sapa personally blended for the La Belle Spa. This beautiful scrub leaves skin and senses glowing with renewed wellbeing.


Green Tea Scrub: 45’ 


Known for its beautifying and clarifying properties, this Green tea scrub is excellent for reducing dark skin spots and promoting a brighter and glowing skin.


Dead sea – Salt Scrub: 45’ P


Dead Sea Salt Scrub is effective for deep cleaning of the skin and for replenishing skin with essential minerals. Keeps the skin healthy by removing dead skin cells, as well as the toxins that cause acne and also brings about stress relief.


Vietnamese Coconut Scrub: 45’ 


Vietnamese Coconut Body Scrub is a natural product with a gentle exfoliating effect and powerful anti-aging antioxidants, perfect for removing dead skin cells and instantly making your skin soft, smooth and glowing.


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